Fully Automatic Filling System Highly Reliable and Safe System

Up to 50% reduction

Up to 50% cost reduction in the gas distribution chain

Very High Security

Highly secure sale of fractionated gas

Traceability and control

Purchase control under magnetic tags

More than 25% reduction

More than 25% reduction in the retail price of gas

Availability 24/7

Availability 24/7, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Government Program

Strong government program

The current distribution system goes through 18 stages, while in the BGL system the distribution goes through a reduction of more than 240%, reaching up to 4 stages...

Our mission

Develop its technologies with high efficiency and applicability focusing the awaking of Oil & Gas consumers’ interest.
Satisfy consumers, distributors and governments’ interest without waving company’s profitability.
To show the world technologies and products aiming its application and development in industrial scale; whether as a sole provider or partnering with a third party, always trying to fulfill market demands.
To structure the business assuring BGL and its members profitability; assuring profit distribution according to member’s agreement.
To uphold and maintain up to date all fiscal books in accordance with rules and regulations.
To develop, construct and uphold BGL’s image before society, not allowing any action which would harm such image.
To create an excellent work environment, offering its employees a safe work place.

Our vision

Identify opportunities and intensify action on Oil & Gas segment around the world; specially Gas bottling and distribution.
Seek new technologies which would allow cost reduction, improvement and facilitation for the consumers, avoiding fuel waste in outdated process and systems.
Develop technologies development with respect for the environment and conservation of fossil’-fuel which will become scarce in the future.


Indicative OPD Valves

Safety & Convenience

A new system which brings safety to the consumers and allows them to monitor the LP gas consumption.

Dial: The gas level gauge installed in the valve helps the consume to schedule the next cylinder's refilling.
OPD: Overfilling Protection Device. Brings safety to the consumer during the refilling process refilling process.
RFID: Allow electronic traceability and automatic verification of the cylinders’ inspection due date.
System adaptable to the most diversified types of existing valves in the world.


Efficient, safe and flexible

A revolutionary and mobile LP gas distribution and refilling system.

Yearly service capacity (per truck): up to 4 000 consumers/homes.
Fully automatic and safe refilling system. 
Connected with credit/debit card systems.
Automatically verifies the cylinders’ inspection due date before each refilling.

Fixed Units

Conveniente e fácil de usar

A revolutionary LP gas refilling system of high service capacity.

Convenient, easy-to-use & available 24/7.
Yearly service capacity (per unit): up to 8.000 consumers/homes.
Fully automatic, safe and easy-to-use refilling system.
Connected with credit/debit card systems.
Automatically verifies the cylinders’ inspection due date before each refilling.
Can be installed in public Can be installed in public or strategic places such as supermarkets gas stations home or strategic places such as supermarkets, gas stations, home improvement stores, etc.

Exclusive, innovative and unique system in Brazil, capable of reducing cooking gas logistics and distribution costs by 240% in the country. With technology tested, approved and highly used in the United States for over 20 years

BGL Logistcs


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